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My sales coaching focuses on individuals, teams or whole organisations. I can help with strategic planning, recruitment, the creation of a sales team or the management and journey of maximising your organisation’s potential and performance.

Ultimately, it is about unlocking improved performance. However, maybe you want to maximise sales as well as ensuring the sales process is aligned with your organisation’s values and aims too.

Sales coaching is not sales training or sales management. Sales coaching facilitates training and management to be the most effective it can be. My sales coaching maximises sales performance and empowers sales people to positively impact the sales team. As your sales coach, I create an environment where I facilitate your salespeople to become self-aware, focusing on their strengths and how they use them to maximise their potential by developing goals and formulating a plan to ensure they achieve them. It involves empowering them to self-diagnose their customer interactions, take ownership of their performance and improve their outcomes by considering behaviour change.

I do not give advice or tell people what to do, that is not coaching, that is training or management. Working with me for as little as one hour per week, face to face or via ZOOM, your salespeople will identify what behaviour change they require. It may involve sales training, communication skills, confidence, motivation or one of many other factors. Every person is different, every salesperson is different, therefore the coaching outcomes are different for every salesperson.

Sales coaching also maximises your investment in sales training. I follow up on training and constantly focus on it, transforming salespeople into high-performers.

Sales managers are often promoted because they are great salespeople; they know what to do, so they tell people what to do. Telling salespeople what to do and giving advice is not coaching. I can work with your sales manager too, helping them increase their coaching knowledge and skills and ultimately empowering them to take on the coaching role. It is possible for great sales managers to be great trainers and coaches too. Great sales managers also improve the retention of great salespeople.

Your sales coach needs three attributes: expertise, experience and the ability to connect with you.

Dave Higgins

Dan has really helped me in my professional career. He’s helped me develop my sales approach which has resulted in increases in my performance and how I approached and secured the promotion I wanted. Thanks, Dan

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Associations & Accreditations & Qualifications:

      • BSc (Hons) Psychology

      • MSc Applied Positive

      • Psychology & Coaching Psychology

      • Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) ‘Special Groupin Coaching Psychology’

      • Accredited as an Associate Coach & Member of the European Mentoring &
        Coaching Council (EMCC).

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