Garth and I spent 10 days riding in Norway, 1,500 miles (2,500 km) of blue skies, beautiful scenery and the odd reindeer. I hadn’t realised what a long way it was from Oslo to Nordkapp! From my research I expected, cloud, rain, the odd sunny day and mosquitoes, what transpired was total blue skies and […]

Nordkapp, Norway


It’s a long way to Nordkapp, 1,500 miles (2,500 km) north of Oslo, and 700 miles (1,150 km) north of the Artic Circle. Is Nordkapp worth visiting? No! Is the journey getting there worth the effort? Yes! If Nordkapp wasn’t the most northerly point of Europe nobody would go there. However I’m not the first […]

Lofoten Islands, Norway

Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands are an archipelago north of the Artic Circle, in Norway. A modern ferry took us from the beautiful mainland to the islands, where the landscape and scenery is really amazing. Mountains, picture-postcard villages, bridges crossing from island to island and the most clear blue sea and perfect white sandy beaches! Fishing villages, […]