Day 104 – 19th July 2014 KKH (Karakoram Highway) Besham

As I loaded the bike I was told there had been a landslide blocking the road 3 or 4 hours away which was half way towards our destination. Heiko arrived late for breakfast and told us he has a fever so the decision to stay here today was easy.

I sneaked passed the policeman and walked along the only road though the town and everyone stared at me, as I caught their eyes the men smiled and wanted to talk and the children just continued staring, it makes me again wonder how a stranger in England feels when they walk down our streets.

One of the many policemen caught me up after a few hundred metres and told me it wasn’t safe on my own and didn’t move more than a metre from me as we walked for 30 minutes, as with all of the policemen in Pakistan he is a good guy. I asked him later if it was safe here in Besham and he said yes!

Having an armed guard is comfortable for me now even though I have no idea if there is a risk to my safety or not.

Power cuts happen all over Pakistan every day, today was no different as it seemed we were without power for the majority of it. There was a further cut in the evening and the whole town was in darkness other than an ATM at a bank! Later when the lights returned I sat outside and about 20 boys surrounded me as they were so curious.

There was a small tremor today.

I like Besham.








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  1. This sounds very similiar to the South Beach diet….would I be correct in that asutnpsion?Amy time I cut out sugar, and the wrong carbs I drop weight.