Day 109 – 24th July 2014 left 9.15am (KKH) Sost – Gilgit

We headed south down the KKH and shortly after leaving we stopped to watch a cricket match. The standard was great even though they had mountain challenges, the Wicket was dust and stone and the outfield had rocks so the ball only lasts 1 day.

Even though I had really pushed myself in recent days at this point I felt fresh and alive, this soon changed as at the first river crossing I dumped the bike and I couldn’t lift it up which I had been able to do previously. Garth ran into the river and helped. Thanks Garth. Unfortunately one pannier filled up 75% with water and I spent the next 20 minutes draining water out of everything, I knew there was a lot of water damage to my stuff.

The altitude had affected me, in addition I hadn’t been eating much so it’s no surprise I felt completely exhausted and after picking the bike up I was drained & light headed.

A few km later and we were back at the large ragging river, I stopped to look at the crossing and dropped my bike whilst stationary, I just couldn’t hold it when it started to lean over, Garth again had to help me lift it up. I had no energy but no option, I just had to cross the river but my confidence was so low and ridding a bike is all about confidence. I have ridden off road loads and knew I had to sit back and go for it, I got across but it wasn’t pretty. I needed further rest time before we continued.

Another 10 minutes and we are back at the boat to cross the lake again, I was knackered and my confidence had gone. The porters were great again and loaded the bikes onto the boat and I started draining my pannier and trying to rescue as much possible, I had papers and stuff laid out over the bottom. I spoke with Salmon Farsi who works on the new road & tunnel building, he spent 7 months in one tunnel last year! The Chinese pay for construction and have loaned Pakistan the money interest free for 20 years and then they only have to pay 80% back. Two people have died on the construction.

Another two hours ride and we arrived back in Gilgit, we had arranged to stay with Abdul who we meet 3 days earlier when we passed through, he has a hippy type retreat in the foothills of the mountains, I need to relax and recharge for a few days and this is the perfect place.












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  1. Great blog Dan, you write really well. We love reading your blogs. Rest and get your strength back. Siobhan and Kev

  2. While feeding your Soul don’t forget your body………lots of comments about how slim your looking. Perhaps a new diet regime is about to be born ” Dans Round the World Bikers Diet ” So look forward to reading your Blogs and keeping up with your Travels