Day 110 – 25th July 2014 Gilgit

I woke up feeling pissed off about the water damaged iPad.

After two months of travelling together Garth left today heading for India, it was good travelling with him but I’m ready for solo travel again. He is unlike most Americans I have met which is a compliment, he is quiet and knowledgeable about world affairs. We met at The Black Sea in Georgia and travelled across Eastern Turkey, Iran & Pakistan, crossed deserts, had armed police escorts and ended up at the Chinese border.

I’ve enjoyed riding with you Garth and my house is yours anytime.

Ride safe buddy.

I need to replenish my body and build my strength up before I head south so a few days of rest now.

I sorted through more water damaged stuff and threw some away, it was mainly superfluous anyway, it’s just my iPad I care about. I had sent all of my videos home up to and including Islamabad it’s the KKH ones which will be lost if the iPad isn’t repairable and they are the best so fingers crossed.

Abdul’s house is heaven and he is such a good peaceful man. Lu from Shanghai Is staying here too, he is a freelance film director and spends his holidays travelling the world doing ‘extreme hikes’. Lu spent the last 30 days preparing and hiking over 100km up and down from mountain to mountain including K2, he had 9 porters a cook and a guide. What an incredible guy.

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  1. Dan, your adventures are epic! I wish I had the bottle to do what you’re doing. Eat well and get your strength back ready for the next stage!! Stay safe,