Day 113 – 28th July 2014 Gilgit

Today was the last day of rest, I have recharged and am ready to continue south. Heiko and I have cooked our food every day and now I feel healthy and strong again.

The change in my lifestyle is amazing, when I’m not ridding I have absolutely nothing to distract me from rest & peace, no tv, radio, newspapers, the pub, people… I can relax with no timescale for it to finish and no distractions. Wow

Tomorrow is Eid, the party / festival
after Ramadan where nobody works, there are no shops open and it’s festival all day. Abdul invited us to stay and enjoy the day with him but the benefit of leaving is there will be no traffic on the road.

The monsoons have arrived further south in Islamabad and Lahore so let’s hope the weather is good for as long as possible and we can make progress as the road is so rubbish in places (off road, sand & rocks) and torrential rain would make it a very difficult and long ride.

One Response

  1. Great to hear that you’re fully recharged Dan, both physically and, it sounds, mentally. Can’t wait to hear the next installment!