Day 115 – 30th July 2014 leave 11.30am Miles rode 43 Telichi – Chilas

Sleeping outside was good but boy was it windy, hot full on wind all night and my stomach wasn’t in good shape either.

Heiko woke and left early to get his puncture fixed again and I just laid outside not feeling well. Late morning we left to try and make some progress but I was too ill so for the second day we only got a short distance, we checked into another rubbish hotel in Chillas and I slept all afternoon till the morning except for shouting at 8 policemen who were annoying me.

It’s not easy to keep clean and hygienic in Pakistan, it’s a dirty country and no one gives a shit, everyone throws rubbish everywhere and hotels are dirty.

2 Responses

  1. ‘@”It’s not easy to keep clean and hygienic in Pakistan, it’s a dirty country”
    I am sure your views must have changed after you saw Islamabad. Generalising whole of Pakistan as dirty wouldnt be right 🙂

  2. Your restaurant is by far the cleanest in Pakistan and Islamabad is cleaner than other cities but the country is not clean, walk around outside your restaurant and there is rubbish and dirt everywhere. My friend and I find it hard to understand why people have no respect for the place they live in and the health of the world. The most shocking is seeing people constantly throwing rubbish out of cars even in the beautiful mountains in the north.
    Regarding hotels, the majority I’ve stayed in are dirty. It’s such a shame as Pakistan is a wonderful country and the people are so welcoming.
    I have no doubt your restaurant will be a great success. Good luck, Dan