Day 117 – 1st August 2014 Islamabad

The lorry dropped me off at about 5.30am at Iqbal’s ‘Honda Centre’ and I waited for it to open but I was so tired and could hardly stay awake. A while after the monsoon rain came poring down and as I had been in the lorry all night and before that trying to repair my bike I stripped to my pants and got some soap out and showered in the heavy monsoon rain.

At 8am there was no sign of the Honda Centre opening, I banged on the shutter and an elderly man told me they are closed for Eid until next week, after much persuasion he let me leave my bike and stuff inside and I walked away looking for a taxi to go to the India visa centre. They were also closed until next week.

At about 10am I checked back into ‘The Hunza Embassy Lodge’ where I stayed two weeks ago and rested until Heiko turned up.

I called Iqbal later in the day and he insisted on picking me up and taking me to his workshop where he repaired my bike and insisted I return on Monday to get the bike fully ready for India.

It’s all about the people.

7 Responses

  1. Dan, I f you don’t turn all this stuff into a book when you get back you’ll be mad! If it wasn’t for the pictures and the fact it’s you writing it, some of it seems like it’s straight out of a very imaginative novel! I keep wondering whether you’re brave or bonkers!

  2. Hi Dan, loving your resilience. Such entertaining daily reading, just how Dickens started! Sending lots of love. Debbie and Jess. Xxx

  3. Again, I can only say amazing. Agree about the book, I’ll be your proof reader! xx

  4. Thanks…do tell your friends about Food Garage as well….

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