Day 124 – 8th August 2014 Lahore

I paid the duty, collected the parts for my bike and spent the afternoon fitting them. It was so hot the sweat was dripping off me like a waterfall! The bike is as good as it’s needs to be so happy days.

Cable ties have been holding my chain adjustment mechanism together since Iran and are amazing, I’ve ridden 4,500 km across deserts, mountains and up the KKH and they held 100%. A ‘must pack item’ for all overlanders.

I’ve had a few health issues over the last couple of weeks and thought it may be due to the food or general low hygiene levels but I wasn’t sure.

As I’ll be heading to India soon I started taking Larium (weekly anti malaria tablet) a couple of weeks ago and knew the major side effect was really bad nightmares and as I hadn’t had any I didn’t think any more of it but this morning I took a tablet and I wondered what the other side effects might be?

Depressed mood / anxious / confusion / unusual thoughts / severe diarrhoea / stomach pain / loss of appetite / tired feeling / weight loss / weakness / dizziness / eyesight problems / aggressive behaviour / feeling agitated / muscle weakness…

There are many more side effects but I have had all of the above! I was about to get my eyes tested as my vision is sometimes so bad.

The moment I realised it was the tablets I felt an instant improvement which lasted all day. I haven’t chucked them away yet as I did take one this morning and they are weekly so I’ll see how it pans out but the sense of relief just knowing why I’ve felt so bad lately is a cure in itself:)

I need me back as I don’t like how I’ve been!

Heiko and I were invited to a meeting of MAP’ Motorcyclists Association of Pakistan in the evening which was great, good to talk bikes with fellow bikers.

I leave for Wagah Border in the morning.



2 Responses

  1. Don’t like how you have been, see a doc if you do not improve. You are obviously having a bad patch and, hopefully, this will pass and you will be back to your usual cheerful self. You will not start enjoying your trip again until you are well. xx

  2. Still following the trip! Seems a world away from dreary old Britain.
    Funny how I found you via linked in and through this have now made contact with ray Gough, bill collins and Pete marsh.
    I hope you are soon over you stomach troubles. I am sure when you are back that a vindaloo will be no problem at the local curry house!