Day 132 – 16th August 2014 Srinagar

It rained all night and morning so the decision to stay was easy.

Staying with Bashir and his family on their houseboat is great, we discuss so many topics and I’m getting a good understanding of their lifestyle here and the issues in Kashmir.

I spent the day reading and relaxing on the houseboat, I like the lifestyle living on a lake, it’s very peaceful as there are no motorboats, everyone rows around. The small community is getting to know me already and as they row by they say hello.

It’s all about the people.


3 Responses

  1. Looks lovely Dan. Glad you are enjoying. Shame about the rain but at least it is helping you to spend time with some lovely people by the looks of things. Blog looking great and some lovely photos. Keep up the good work xxxxx

  2. Great photos and stories behind them. The whole ‘chilling on a boat thing’ looks bloody idyllic. A perfect place for calm and peace! No Ak47’s eh. Can feel a trip to the Broads coming on….