Day 143 – 27th August 2014 left 7.30am Miles rode 281 Manali – Karnal

Having ridden with Heiko from Germany for the majority of the last 2 months this morning I leave on my own as we are heading in different directions.

Heiko would be the first to agree that he is unlike most Germans, he displays similar traits in his preparation, efficiency and is prepared for most eventualities but he is an individual too. It’s been good ridding with you Heiko, we have experienced some amazing riding that will stay with us forever I’m sure.

Ride safe and hopefully we’ll catch up on the road again.

I felt good as I rode down the valley with blue skies, towering mountains and the river rushing south beside me. It’s with mixed feelings I leave the mountains, on the one hand I have had the most amazing time both in Northern Pakistan and in Northern India but it’s been hard work and I feel some time away from ‘off roading’ will be good.

After 230km I reached the bottom of the mountain and I was black with dust and diesel fumes from the hundreds of lorries I passed.

Have I mentioned how dangerous the drivers are in Northern India! They have no idea how to drive and no concern for their own or other drivers safety!





4 Responses

  1. Dan, it’s been good riding with you brother and we sure done some of the biggest mountainrides that can be done on this world! Best of luck for your further travels mate!

  2. They’re not only bad drivers in Northern India, they were bloody diabolical in Sri Lanka too, when we were there in April this year! Overtaking 3 and 4 abreast on the wrong side of the road etc.

  3. Hi Dan

    Wow ! We are on holiday at the minute and just spent the last two days reading all the blogs. We never realised you were going on such an epic life changing journey and we think it is amazing.. How will you ever go back to selling vacuum cleaners.. Stay safe and continue having a great time.
    Mick & Lynn

  4. Mick, Lynn, I’m not sure I can return to the ‘rat race’ either. Trouble is we all need cash to live do who knows? You’re on holiday again! You have more holidays than me! Let me know if you’re going to head to SE Asia in the New Year?