Day 145 – 29th August 2014 Delhi

Up early today as I needed to go to the Myanmar Embassy, after a few minor issues I handed in all the paperwork and have to return on Monday to collect my passport (hopefully with visa:)

Now for my iPad!

It was just over a month ago that I damaged my iPad and having only my iPhone to do everything it has been a real pain so I went to an Apple Service place here in Delhi, on the one hand they were good in that they said they couldn’t repair it but would sell me the same new iPad at a third of the cost as it was in warranty (don’t forget I ruined it as it was submerged in water for a while). On the other hand though I asked if the old iPad could be sent at my cost to England to see if someone could retrieve the videos I had uploaded from my GoPro but not sent home. I felt this was a reasonable request due to my exceptional circumstances – ridding around the world on a motorbike.

After hours of phone calls to Apple India they wouldn’t, so a few lost videos – poor show Apple!

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