Day 160 – 13th September 2014 Leave 11.00am Miles rode 119 Negombo – Anuradhapura (Sri Lanka)

I woke in pain having done two days of exercise and running! My left calf muscle is very painful and my chest isn’t in the best condition so I feel a day without exercise is best:)

Oli and I hired a couple of scooters and headed north up the west coast and then inland to our destination, Anuradhapura. It was great getting back ‘on the road’, we rode through town after town and after we turned inland the roads cleared and we rode with only a few cars passing us for the last hour or so through tropical forest, as we passed villages people waved and it was good to be out of the city.

When we arrived in Anuradhapura we went to check out Nuwara Eliya Lake and decided on a ‘scooter safari’ where we saw some great wildlife including water buffalo. I won’t mention Oli trashing his bike in the mud Ha Ha.










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