Day 181 – 4th October 2014 Leave 9.30am Miles rode 73 Birgunj – Simbhanjyang

I woke with mixed feelings. I was still amused and amazed that I was in Nepal as an illegal immigrant and slightly concerned about the reaction I would get trying to explain the situation to both the Indian and Nepalese customs officers.

We rode the short distance back to the border straight through the Nepal customs, straight through the India customs and 25 metres after did a U-turn and started the process. The Indian customs officers were slow and the power cut compounded the situation. One officer told us that only 25 western motorcyclist pass the border each year. It took 1 1/2 hours to get clear and then for the Nepal border, it cost $25 for the visa. We would have got away sooner but they messed up the paperwork on the carnet (temporary motorbike import licence) so it was 3 1/2 hours in total to get through the border. At 2pm we passed the point we reached the night before when we realised we we in Nepal illegally! Two mongooses ran across the road just after, how great.

I’m in Nepal.

Within 30 minutes we were climbing the foothills of The Himalayas and I knew cooler air was ahead. The next few hours ridding was great as we climbed higher and higher in the most amazing scenery, Nepal is beautiful as are the women.

We reached the top of the pass at just under 2,500 metres in the cloud, as it was 5.00pm and we wouldn’t reach Kathmandu we checked into the only hotel. Simbhanjyang is a small town with about 10 buildings, of which 8 sell alcohol. It’s my kind of town.

I got my warm clothes out of the bottom of the pannier and went for a few beers.

Did I mention that Nepalese women are beautiful.

Tomorrow it’s downhill all the way to Kathmandu.







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  1. Wow what a faff! You must have taken a different border to me. I took the western border. Very small and quiet. Got through in about half an hour! Lol. Guess you don’t wanna hear that though!! : 0 ) Glad you made it LEGALLY anyway! Enjoy xx