Day 208 – 31st October 2014 Leave 8am Miles rode 239 Kalaymyo – Bagan (Burma)

The phone rang in the hotel at at 5.35am, it was our wake up call.

We were ready to roll out of the hotel car park at 7am but one of the BMW1200GS’s wouldn’t start. We left 8am and the BMW caught us up later.

We knew we had a long day but didn’t envisage what was ahead.

Like yesterday as we rode everyone was looking, smiling and waving at us. The country is so clean, no litter or rubbish. We were only ridding in rural areas and soon after leaving the road deteriorated into a track and for a further 120km we were ‘off road’, the progress was slow as we had gravel, dirt and mud, it was a technical ride at times. A few of us made the most of a few sections and pushed the bikes hard over serious off road terrain, I was loving it even though I knew the bike was being bashed up.

The day was a ‘bonding day’ for all 11 in group, picking up bikes and generally helping each other as the road was so poor. The stops were probably too frequent and too long as it was about 10pm when we arrived at the hotel which made it a 14 hour day. Everyone arrived safely even though the last few hours ridding in the dark was dangerous and I and others were falling asleep.

There is virtually no traffic in this part of the country, no cars, lorries or buses, what a pleasant change.

I imagine the North of Myanmar is like Thailand was 50 years ago?





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