Day 212 – 4th November 2014 Nyaung Shwe

Another day playing tourist.

We spent the day being taken around Inle lake in a traditional long, narrow boat. The lake is massive and we powered through the waterway with ease passing fishermen who managed to work the nets with their hands and row the boat with one leg, incredible skill. The wetlands around were covered in vegetation and houses built on stilts.

We weren’t alone, there were many tourists, I am concerned at the effect all of these boats will have on the environment as tourist increase and it may turn out to be too crowded.

It’s interesting how the group feels about tourists as we feel we are something different, very funny.

Another good day.









6 Responses

  1. 95% percent of tourists hate tourists and want to go somewhere where there are no tourists! : 0 ). Funny indeed Dan. Good to get your updates and see all is well. Good luck with getting to Bangkok. My subframe just snapped so Rhonda is having some repairs as we speak. Big hugs. xx

  2. Hi Dan,
    It was great to meet up with you in Myanmar, and now I have checked how you got there from UK I am so impressed with your journey! Hope it stays full of joy, and let’s meet up if you get to Chiang Mai.

  3. Hi Michael, yes, it was great to meet up and thanks for your tip to go to the balloon festival. I will be in Chiang Mai but not sure when so I’ll call you nearer the time. Enjoy the gorillas. Dan

  4. Hi Dan ,
    I went into ICM today and Jon said you had gone out for a ride !!!
    I thought you only went as far as Burnham on Crouch on a Sunday morning ?
    Great adventure , great videos , keep safe and have a fantastic time .
    Now I know about this I will follow your travels with great pleasure .