Day 218 – 10th November 2014 Leave 11.30am Miles rode 141 Mae Sot – Ban Khong Wilai (Thailand)

I had mixed feelings as I left the group today.

I have enjoyed my time with everyone but was also looking forward to solo riding and more than that, seeing my daughter in Bangkok.

Kristjan and I headed towards Bangkok but as neither of us were in a rush we stopped early and enjoyed a part of Thailand hardly any tourists visit, we were in the country taking in rural life, so peaceful and beautiful.

As I ride I either listen to music or am left with my thoughts, which is a concern! I have thought over the last month that I’m using too few adjectives when describing stuff in my blog, I’m aware I use the words amazing and great often and I thought this diminished / diluted their meaning (my command of the English language and written word is not great). Having thought about this I’ve come to the conclusion that I shouldn’t apologise for the repeated use of the word amazing as what I experience is amazing. Prior to travel I rarely used the word as life wasn’t amazing, it was ok, good and what most people feel most of the time but now I experience amazing, wonderful and great feelings daily.

So there you have it my thought of the day.


4 Responses

  1. Your command of the English language is absolutely fine Dan. You paint wonderfulm dare I say amazing, pictures for us all.

    All the best


  2. Maybe it is you that is just an AMAZING guy. Sounds to me you are having a fantastic time mate. Well jel springs to mind. Keep enjoying the experiences and be safe. Mick