Day 236 – 27th November – The remainder of 2014…

My wonderful daughter Bethan arrived here in Thailand about a week ago with 7kg of bike spares & other stuff so, the bike is being overhauled for the next month by Dynamic Motors in Bangkok and I’m taking a break from everything and travelling with Bethan to as many islands as possible.

This means I’ll only blog occasionally as countless blogs & pictures of me drinking beer on a tropical beach may not inspire you whilst you’re dealing with the dreary winter at home…

Yippee I hear you all cheer.

Love you all,

8 Responses

  1. Thanks Dan.
    You have a super time with Bethan and enjoy your Christmas break,
    I have really enjoyed following your journey including the ups and downs of it and look forward to next years posts.
    I send my love and best wishes for Christmas 2014 to You, Bethan, and Olly and hope you all have an even better one in 2015.

  2. So fantastic seeing u in Bkk and both of you in samui… We are back in bkk now for the night before UK here we come. Speak soon x x x x

  3. Hi Dan,
    Have a Great Christmas & New Year
    Life looks very chilled for you now, and it must be great having Beth enjoy some of the moments with you.

    May take your bike out over Christmas.
    All the best
    Be Safe

  4. hi Dan and Bethan
    Have a great Christmas and New Years
    Enjoy your break
    Love mick and family xx

  5. Just watched your latest video …’re looking really mate.
    Enjoy your trip with Beth and have a fantastic Christmas
    All the best
    Antony and Alex

  6. Can’t wait for the film ! which actor would you prefer to take your part ? Have a great xmas. How do you take a break from a year long break ??