Day 26 – 2nd May 2014 leave 9.30am miles rode 45 Istanbul

I like being in the apartment although it’s away from the city centre so no one to engage with.

The apartment is in SW Istanbul and I rode to Ceyhan’s workshop in the NE to service my bike. Although Ceyhan wasn’t there the guy across the way opened up for me and hey, what a great workshop / hangout. There were many bikes, some in parts, tools, sofas to chill on, fridges with beer…

I checked over the bike, topped up essential fluids, tightened loose bolts etc and after a few hours I was happy the bike was good for another couple of thousand miles before it would need an oil change, front brake pads etc.

As I have done for the last few days I headed into Central Istanbul to the hostel I previously stayed at. It’s great everyone knows me there so I chilled out and had a late lunch with Shelly before heading back to the apartment.

I’ve decided to leave here in a few days. I’ve been in contact with a Canadian guy called Garth who also needs a guide for Iran so after a few conversations we’ve agreed to meet at the Iranian boarder on about 10th June to travel across Iran and Pakistan together. Tonight I will plan the next 5 / 6 weeks. I am loving Istanbul and will return, I could live here. Everyone is so generous, friendly and helpful.

I’m also looking forward to riding alone to places unknown too.




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  1. Great story. Just goes to show how our lives are made up of small, tiny in fact, choices that we make every day and it's that which denmiertes our future.