Day 272 Bangkok – Kamphaeng Phet (Thailand) / motorbike GS Dakar RTW overland adventure traveller

3rd January 2015
Leave 8.26am
Miles rode 237 (379km)

I left at 8.26am with tears in my eyes.

I always knew it would be hard saying goodbye to Beth.

I rode a few hundred metres and stopped at a 7Eleven, I had forgotten the reaction one gets ridding far from home and soon people gathered but I wasn’t in the mode for questions so I politely left.

How could I leave my little girl half way around the world? I’ve spent my life wrapping her in cotton wool and now I’ve left her. I had tears in my eyes as I rode out of bangkok, the streets were quiet, bangkok doesn’t get up early on a Saturday morning luckily.

Whilst I felt so bad riding away I knew it was time to let go.

It’s now time to start unwrapping the layers of cotton wool and letting my baby girl grow into the wonderful independent woman she is becoming. The process is emotional and hard but nevertheless completely good for us both.

Beth has everything she needs to have a wonderful life, love, intelligence, beauty, an amazing personality and of course she’s a Skeates – go Beth it’s time for your journey now – watch out Australia Beth is on her way.

Love you so much darling x

By 11.15am I had ridden 125miles and I was knackered, having not ridden for 7 1/2 weeks I was not used to it! I had been hardened to the long distances sitting on the bike, I have to develop those muscles again!

After a hard day I arrived at 3pm in the Kamphaeng Phet having been in tourist land for the past few weeks I loved the fact that I didn’t see one tourist or sign with English writing. I found the only guesthouse in town and relaxed for a few hours before heading out to get some food, the only place open was a buffet where you cook your own food on a hot plate in the middle of the table which is surrounded by boiling water to cook noodles and vegetables – lovely.


3 Responses

  1. I am filling up here….. kids. When they are little they break your arms and when they are grown they break your heart. You are a great Dad and she is what she is because of you. Be proud and take care x

  2. Karen, I think I should return to the tough biker tomorrow…
    Emotions are much harder to manage!

  3. Sitting here crying for both you and Beth. However you are right, time to part. She is doing absolutely the right thing and with your experience and advice will be fine. Brave girl.