Day 274 Nan – Hongsa (Laos) / motorbike GS Dakar RTW overland adventure traveller

5th January 2015
Leave 10am
Miles rode 136 (218km)

Should I stay or should I go now? I have no destination or timescale to get wherever so I could have relaxed and stayed put or headed off?

I headed off & think I died and went to heaven.

I decided a week ago to cross from Thailand into Laos in the far northeast but a few people told me about a small border over a mountain to the south, I didn’t think about which way to go for long. Empty roads in bad condition, great. It wasn’t the quickest route but it was one of the best days ridding with so many bends, up and down through the forest / jungle.

The border crossing was easy with only a handful of people crossing, the Laos borders guards welcomed me in with smiles and questions about my route to get there. The 30 day visa was issued quickly and cost $35.

At 3.32 I enters Laos and stopped 2km inside and ordered some food, I had no idea what I was getting as they didn’t have a menu or speak English (why should they), I got a dark but clear soup, a large bowl of rice with vegetables and a small bowl of chilli & spice mix. After a few minutes a fried egg was brought out and placed on top of the rice – Happy days.

I’m glad I decided to ride today a wonderful day that reminded me why I’m travelling, on my own and getting on with a new adventure & experience.

As I had ridden into Laos via a very small border I wasn’t expecting a new highway to my destination Hongsa only 30km away, but to my surprise twisting through the mountain was a new tarmac road, I opened the Dakar up and had a fast ride into Hongsa.

I met a couple of European guys from Chiang Mai ridding the same route on and off today so we all went out for a food and drink. Laos is very cheap!

This is great, this is what I’m loving.








4 Responses

  1. hey dan,me and peter are back in chiang mai from yesteday,whe had a wonderfull offroad between
    hongsa and prabang and between oudomxai and vieng phoukna,maby a little be to risky for a big bike.
    nice to meet you,and have a good travel,and whe follow you here in the lounge.

  2. Hello Dan,
    Do you remember the name of border corssing to Laos? Sounds interesting and since we are planning to be there in few months, we would like to follow similar road.
    Thanks in advance
    P.S. Your blog is good reading 🙂