Day 291 Koh Samui (Thailand) / motorbike GS Dakar RTW overland adventure traveller

Left – I’m staying here…
22nd January 2015
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My son Olly booked his flight to come and travel with me in March, he flys into Bangkok and then we’ll ‘backpack’ throughout Cambodia and Vietnam.

How wonderful, I cannot wait as by the time he arrives we won’t have seen each other for nearly 11 months.

The decision to hang around Koh Samui was easy and as I have a friend with a great place to stay in a quiet corner of the island.

5 weeks with nothing to do except chill out and enjoy life…

Another period of non blogging for me…





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  1. Hi Dan, good news that Olly is coming to travel with you. Enjoy your relax in Koh Samui, having gale force winds and rain here, just think what your missing!!! Xx

  2. Hi Dan, great that you are getting to see your son after so long – but I’ll miss my regular “fix” of reading your blog!

  3. So happy that Olly coming out, you will both have a wonderful time. Meanwhile, carry on ‘chilling out’ xx

  4. We are a class of 5 and 6 years old. We are from Chelmsford and are following your journey.

    We want to know what has been your best country so far and why?

  5. Hello class 1E, Its lovely to know you are following me, the news has made my day. My best country so far was Myanmar because of the wonderful people, they constantly smile and are so happy. If you have any further questions I would be happy to answer them. Dan

  6. Hi Dan
    We are so happy to read your reply and have found Myanmar on our class world map. Today’s question is:
    How did you get across the English Channel?

    Thank you.

    Form 1E at Widford

  7. Class 1E,
    I crossed the English Channel by boat from Dover to Calais in France. I have only used boats twice, crossing the English Channel and getting to the island of Koh Samui where I am now. The next boat crossing I have to make will be from Malaysia to Indonesia.

  8. Thank you Dan. We have just learnt about the English Channel so we were very excited about your reply. Today’s question:
    We have looked on our World Map and wonder if you are going to Australia after Indonesia?

    Thank you
    Form 1E

  9. Class 1E, I’m so pleased you’ve been looking at your World Map, I have always loved looking at maps. I hope to arrive in Australia in May. Before that my son Olly is coming to visit me and we will visit Cambodia and Vietnam, I’ll then ride south to Indonesia and Australia. Dan

  10. Thank you. We are off on Half Term for a weeks holiday today.
    Today’s question is: What country has been the muddiest place to ride through so far?

    Thank you

    Form 1E

  11. Mudville?
    Hello mate, loved reading yr chat with form 1e. Its last orders in Hotel Londres bar, Donastia, Spain, but I had enough vino tinto anyway. Maybe i’ll meet u in Darwin & hire a bike.
    Sorry reply so long coming.