Day 384 Sungai Penuh – Bengkulu (Indonesia) / motorbike GS Dakar RTW overland adventure traveller

  • Left – 7.30am
  • 24th April 2015
  • Miles rode – 260 (416km)

The mosque over the road obviously knew the call to prayer was disturbing my sleep so today just before it started they played some music which was novel, NOT! So, broken sleep until the alarm went off at 6.30 then coffee and photos, this time with the local traffic police who were staying at the same hotel.

It was overcast but not raining when we got going. The first hour was sublime as we rode through the jungle. The road or should I say track was a combination of stones, mud and water. I loved it. Where did those people who said Sumatra was either congested or not much to see travel through? We had travelled only 20 miles in the first hour and couldn’t envisage getting to Bengkulu but then the road appeared and we arrived at the Indian Ocean after another 2 hours. It rained for an hour or so and then a long ride down the coast that I was so looking forward to but it was dull and raining and not inspiring at all.

Lyndon noticed my rear brake pads were just about down to metal so I changed them and did a few other checks and it was 6.30 before I got into the room.

Another long day but again I loved it.

The food everywhere in Indonesia is cheap, lunch with coffee £1.25 and evening meal with juice £2.10

Whilst I’ve had an amazing four days in the mountains the towns and cities are nothing to write home about, I had intended on stopping a night or two somewhere but I don’t feel inspired to as the riding is so good. It’s odd that we haven’t seen any other western travellers. 


2 Responses

  1. 384 DAYS !! wow , And I sit at home eating buckets of ice cream. Reading your blog, I wish I was on the BMW again.. You have certainly logged enough days to call this a chapter of your life .. I always smile when I come to your site , and look at the new photos .. I miss you Dan , and cannot wait to have a beer with you again .. Garth Anton

  2. Garth, great to hear from you. I’ve been with an English biker for the past week or so riding through Indonesia, he’s an ice cream fan too! Problems with the bike yesterday, the exhaust is knackered, going to try and get it welded this morning and I need another new battery. All good though and gives me a reason to stop and engage. Have you a plan to get back to Cambodia?