Day 395 Kraksaan – Bali (Indonesia) / motorbike GS Dakar RTW overland adventure traveller

  • Left – 8am
  • 5th May 2015
  • Miles rode – 184 (294km)

Again the Dakar coughed and spluttered out of the hotel car park. I was on the NE coast of Java and followed the coast road East for about 100 miles around to the far eastern point where I took the ferry to Bali. Being sandwiched between the bright blue sea on my left and mountains and volcanoes on my right was perfect. This was so different to the south coast where the Indian Ocean crashes into the shore with ferocity, here the sea is flat and calm.

I arrived at the ferry terminal in perfect time, I paid the £1.20 for the hour crossing, boarded and we left shortly after. Due to the manic last few days and stress with the bike I had aching shoulders and neck and after the volcanoe climb the previous day I had a bad back. Having not seen the possibility of a massage anywhere in Indonesia I was shocked when this guy came over to me asking if I wanted a massage. Over the next 45 minutes he worked wonders on me, he found out quickly where the problems were and spent time putting my body back into balance. He charged me 75 pence.

At 5pm I arrived at my destination, Maria arrived a week ago and found a great apartment for us. I’ll stay for a week or so, getting my bike overhauled and me ready for my next chapter.     


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    2. Dude. You are an inspiration. I’m still loving this adventure you are on and think you are really living a great life right now.
      Wonderful times. Stay safe. Be loved . Inspire