Day 48 – 24th May 2014 Yerevan

After a great nights sleep I woke to the smell of cognac, there were bottles everywhere and the guys fast asleep. I got out of the bunk and stepped into a puddle of brandy! Lovely!

I met a group Americans who are working for Peace Corp and went to lunch with them, pizza and beer and a very relaxing afternoon was just what the doctor would have ordered. Yerevan has money, such a contrast to everywhere outside the city. If it wasn’t for the different architecture and beautiful women I could have been in any western city. After a walk around the market I returned to the hostel to find the Czech guys still asleep, that’s 19 hours so far.

The Czech guys were both up by 8.00pm. I left to go out at 9.30 and they were back in bed.

I spent then evening with the group of Americans in a cool bar ‘Heisenberg Pub’ drinking, smoking shisha and watching The Champions League. I think I got back about 3pm








3 Responses

  1. Hi Dan,
    Jonathan sent me the link to your blog – I trust that you are keeping well (hangovers aside!!!) – but I am wondering what map you are using!!!! where to next ?
    we are off to France for a month a week on Tuesday which seems decidedly tame in comparison! I have just sent the link over to a friend of mine who is off to the Isle of Man TT Races with his bike so I will ask him to send over some photos to share.
    Be lucky!!!!

  2. David, I’m meeting a Canadian guy in a few days and we’re riding Georgia together and as soon as we can get our Iran visa sorted heading further east. I trust business is good, Dan

  3. Hi Dan !!! Happy to see you on the road still……..good luck and keep on going . I will follow during your journey. Take care ( met in Fethiye Turkey ) . Thanks for the pic in the blog !!!! Ciao