Day 50 – 26th May 2014 leave 9.30am Miles rode 188 Yerevan – mountains & back.

I felt down all bloody morning and couldn’t work out why I was riding my bike around the country when it looked the same as the ride to Yerevan I did a few days ago. Nothing makes sense when your having a ‘down day’.

Just after midday I was at the top of a mountain and I could see so many switchbacks running down to the valley below. It took about 5 -10 minutes to drop the 1,000 meters and I was starting to feel more positive. Another few km passed and I saw two cyclist fully loaded so I stopped. Two young Belgium guys left home 8 months ago and were cycling with no firm destination (sounds familiar), like me they were headed for Iran. We talked for a while and I felt great when I went on my way again.

It’s all about the people.

I arrived back at the hostel mid afternoon and had great news, after a month of trying to get a guide for Iran (a necessity for British, Canadian & American citizens) I had my first positive sign, one of the many agencies and people I had been contacting has given me a quote and it’s looking positive. I know this isn’t the final hurdle but it’s moving forward at last.

Later I heard from someone I didn’t think I was going to hear from for a long while:)

The day turned out ok.

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  1. There are always going to be “down” days Dan, just ride through them. Look forward eagerly to your daily blog – at least it means I open my laptop each day! Not so long ago travellers were writing in their diary each day, I wonder if in future there will be no diaries written by famous travellers, it will be all there in a blog. With love from your mum xx

  2. Hi Dan
    love reading your posts buddy and chuffed to bits that you have FINALLY taken the plunged and are going around the world, reading your posts it makes you realise tha the world is a lot bigger than it looks on Google earth 🙂
    Enjoy the ride, and always remember ‘Ride hard or go Home!’
    Si Taylor.

  3. Hi Dan
    Thanks for the reminder. Day 50 already. Wow! There are days when it’s worthwhile and there are days you say why! Remember the reasons you decided to do it. Good luck with the rest of the journey. I look forward to reading more posts.


    PS not sure the beard does it for you lol.

  4. Hi Dan
    Thanks for the email I can’t believe it is 50 days.

    The blog looks great and I have a lot of catching up to do but I will be keeping track now.

    Keep having fun

  5. Dan.

    2 of us heading for Baumi tomorrow 29th. Catching the ferry to the Ukraine on Sunday. Where are you staying?

  6. Simon,
    Sorry, but which Simon are you? I’m in central Bitumi, changing hotel this morning so contact me on FB message – dan skeates – there is only one!

  7. Dan
    Your blog is great , you are an inspiration , I follow avidly.
    Drive safe and keep safe.