Day 53 – 29th May 2014 Batumi

I slept in then sat outside a cafe drinking coffee until midday in the sun watching life go by. The women here are beautiful. I think I’ll stay for at least 3 days and relax, enjoy the beach, sun and life.

Garth and I went to the beach in the afternoon and later in the evening Henrik from The Czech Republic joined us. It’s 3 hours ahead of the UK here so I stayed up drinking till 3am so I could wish my daughter Beth ‘Happy 21st Birthday’ at midnight UK time.

Batumi is fascinating and unlike any city I’ve been to before, it’s ‘over the top’ in everything! From the buildings to the use of coloured lights, at times I feel I could be on a movie set or in Disneyland.









2 Responses

  1. Dan,loving following your trip,do you think it would be possible for you to also invite my mate to follow your blog?sure he also would love is his e mail… he is from mlada boleslav in Czech Republic,same sort of person as we are…. good luck with the rest of your journey,…you are always welcome to Ceske Raje for the best beer,,,take care mate….