Day 60 – 5th June 2014 leave 11.00am Miles rode 143 Batumi – Trabzon

Up early and off to the Iran Consulate to try and get a visa, the answer was a big NO so back to the hotel, check out and head to Trabzon, Turkey where many people said it was easier to get one there.

The riding was good with the mountains one side and the sea the other all the way, the boarder crossing was quick.

I decided yesterday to try and get a ‘free bed’ on as the only other time I tried a great girl showed me around Yerevan but no bed. I put my request out and Seyfettin a Turkish biker kindly said I could stay with him.

Garth and I arrived in Trabzon and he checked into a hotel then I rode the 10km to meet Seyfettin, I wondered if it would have been easier to just book into the hotel? I met Seyfettin with his beaming smile and we drank tea and talked for an hour before heading to his home.

Seyfettin is a great guy and he has hosted couchsufers many times and told me he has helped people get Iran visas, he knows a few people who work in the Iran Embassy here.

We went to Seyfettin’s cousins restaurant and had good food and conversation. I wondered if he could help with the visa or not. I wanted to be positive but with over 1 month of no visa I must admit I was sceptical.

Tomorrow is the day…



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  1. Im guessing the last contact I sent was no good either then? Bugger! Keep at it and maybe set youself a date where you say sod it and fly over?