Day 61 – 6th June 2014 leave 11.30am Miles rode 196 Trabzon – Erzurum

Now I’m getting really pissed off.

Seyfettin is a great guy, he let me stay at his house, took me out for a meal and today took Garth and I to the Iran embassy. Seyfettin, anytime you come to England you are welcome at my house, thanks.

The Iran embassy had big smiles and welcomed us but as soon as they knew we had British and Canadian passports they said ‘you need an authorisation code before we can issue visa’. We tried every angle including ‘if we pay extra’? ‘can you arrange the code if we pay’? All NO

We said goodbye to Seyfettin and resumed planning before we headed off across the mountains to Erzurum to collect my new tyres which have been delivered there for me.

With all the visa setbacks there hasn’t been one moment I wished I was at home, the highs the lows are all part of the experience.

In the evening we went for beers and then I listened to Quadrophenia whilst watching an amazing lightening storm from my hotel room balcony (yes Garth, a balcony).




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