Day 63 – 8th June 2014 Erzurum

I woke at 7am and felt the ‘usual positive Dan’ which had been on & off for the past few weeks. I knew I didn’t have the visa but last nights news was confirmed by a further mail from the agency sent overnight confirming they have a guide and she also smiled and laughed when she read my mail and realised she was mailing Garth and me thinking there were 4 bikers.

I needed to restrain my revitalised enthusiasm for Iran but couldn’t!

I headed out at 7.15 to the city square outside the hotel and drank tea in the early morning sun with the few men around.

I don’t want to trade this emotional roller coaster for the mundane of the ‘9 to 5’.

The morning was spent sending the tour company a full detailed itinerary, personal and bike details. By 11.30am it was all sent. Now we wait.

A relaxing day walking around Erzurum doing the tourist stuff although there are no tourists here, I don’t think I’ve seen a European. After the sights Garth and I chilled and Beth (my daughter) set my mum up with Skype so we talked for ages. Then beer (which isn’t easy to find) and chill time on my balcony (sorry Garth) looking over the city square.




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