Day 65 – 10th June 2014 leave 9.45am Miles rode 222 Erzurum – Kobuleti

The 3rd bank I tried had the facility to send payment for some spares which I wanted to get delivered from BMW Istanbul to Erzurum and at 9.45 we headed out to find a beach back in Georgia.

The riding was great, blue skies, amazing mountain scenery, 25 – 50 tunnels and so many bends to ‘scrub my new tyres in’.

So, back out of Turkey for the 4th time, the kind boarder guards still haven’t asked me to pay the speeding fines:) back into Georgia for the 2nd time and 40km up the Coast and we checked into a cheap hotel on the beach. The evening was very funny eating and drinking in a bar with the worst Georgian singers, they had no instruments so it was more like karaoke, the guy started playing ‘air guitar’ to what can only be described as the type of song you would get on ‘The Eurovision’.

The picture above is the Georgian Boarder Building, typical ‘over the top’ Georgian architecture, in keep with the Georgian theme it probably has multi coloured lights illuminating it a night?




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