Day 66 – 11th June 2014 Kobuleti

I think I may need a haircut soon.

I slept for so long, I needed it after the ride yesterday. I woke to clouds and rain, so much for riding to the coast for sun! By midday blue skies emerged and at 1.30 I was on the empty beach. A while later 4 gorgeous Georgian girls decided that setting up a few metres from me was preferable to the miles of empty beach? When I say 4 gorgeous Georgian girls I meant 1 gorgeous Georgian girl and her 3 friends.

A while after 2 Georgian young men camped out the other side of the girls and when they found out I was English they spent the afternoon shouting over ‘English, English!’ to get my attention and then various words I couldn’t understand but I understood ‘sex’ as they laughed and laughed.

The young men had a great afternoon and the girls ignored me, just like being at home really.

Later a group of about 15 teenagers turned up. ‘I WAS HERE FIRST’ I thought!

The young men and teenagers laughed all afternoon and even the girls managed the odd smile, understanding the dynamics of the situation. I smiled too.

The beaches in Georgia are the same as everywhere in the western world, the girls wear as little as possible and men look at them.

At about 4pm I felt like a rest so retired the 25 metres to the hotel. It’s a hard life ‘on the road’ some days.

Travel in 2014;
I first travelled in 1983 and again in 1990 when I backpacked around the world, then communication with home was the odd monthly phone call, today though I get messages from home via e-mail, Facebook etc daily and FaceTime & Skype every few days or so, add to this the people I meet who I keep in touch with and the travellers / bikers where we arrange to meet, swop valuable information etc… With forums where people have been discussing my plight with the Iran visa this new world of communication is wonderful.

Today for example; in addition to the messages from home, Jindrich from Czeck Republic who I meet over 1 week ago is passing through and will hopefully stay for a while and a German guy who contacted me on a forum may ride across Pakistan with Garth and I.

2 Responses

  1. This post just made me laugh out loud – ‘just like at home’, haha! As if! Have you treated anyone to your table dancing yet? I’ll be very disappointed if you haven’t. And what’s with that beard Dan – are you storing food in it, just in case? Just jesting, you look like a proper traveller, although you may have to plait it and add some beads for the full on effect. You be careful around those big old Georgian bears looking like that though – motorbike and big, bushy beard…! Love you Xxx

  2. I feel I’ve let you down as no table dancing, I’ll have address this serious Faux par soon! Great to hear from you and I’ll keep nagging you to visit me somewhere x