Day 73 – 18th June 2014 Erzurum

I woke at 6 and by half past I was one of the first out in the city square. The men hadn’t even heated up the tea urns. I sat in the early morning sun reading and waiting for the city to join me.

By 11.00am the Iran Consulate had our completed visa applications, we were told to collect our visa tomorrow at 4pm.

It’s time for the long overdue haircut & beard trim.

5 Responses

  1. So when are you getting the haircut finished Dan?
    Excellent news on finally getting the visa. Your perseverance is legendary!

  2. Looking like you’ve lost a bit of weight there Dan. Great news on your visa. Bit of an interesting time to be in Iran. Still at least they have opened up the British Embassy there and are strengthening relations with the UK.
    Take it easy and have fun xxx

  3. Haircut great Dan, but you have lost weight, stay away from those nasty bugs/viruses. Now that visa sorted may the adventure continue ! xxxx