Day 79 – 24th June 2014 leave 9am Miles rode 143 Van – Yuksekova

I should start by apologising to the 4 young men who I offended last night.

Garth & I found a bar (which isn’t easy in a town of ONLY 600,000 people!) to watch the football. The bar was practically empty and after the game 4 young men came in and sat at the table next to us, after a while one young man came over and asked me not to laugh so loudly. Now, I’m sure I’ve offended many people over the years but I’m not sure ‘laughing too loudly’ is one of the more common reasons. I obviously calmed down and resorted to dull quiet behaviour.

I initially thought maybe the young man was either mad or had just had a bad day but then I thought, who knows maybe the ‘Van laughter police’ were in the area and had they caught me in the act of laughing so loudly I may have been… Well, who knows…

Van needs to chill out and start enjoying itself more! Unless your interests are shopping and drinking copious amounts of tea there really isn’t anything to do here!

I loved the ride listening to music with blue skies and great roads high in the mountains. I was in a great mood and knew as we rode SE Iran wasn’t far away and that ‘all going well’ I would be there tomorrow.

Yuksekova is like many boarder towns ‘nothing to write home about’ but ‘it’s all about the people’ and late afternoon I went out to read my book and drink chai, after a few seconds a group of young men invited me over and we talked and drank chai for the next hour. A few of them happen to work at the boarder I will be passing through tomorrow and said they would make my passage easy.

The next two weeks;
I’m told that some social media doesn’t work in Iran so I may not be able to update this blog as often as I would like.





5 Responses

  1. Just to let everyone know, I have arrived in Iran and everyone is being kind and helpful.

  2. Great to hear you made it into Iran, Dan. Really looking forward to reading about your experiences there. Stay safe and enjoy the ride!

  3. Fantastic to hear that you’ve finally made it into Iran, Dan. It seems you never let anything stop you for too long! Have a safe time there.