Day 83 – 28th June 2014 leave 7.15am Miles rode 286 Tehran – Esfahan

We left early to try and reduce the riding time in the heat later in the day, it took 30 minutes to get out of Tehran and riding conditions were perfect, it was cool. By 8.30 it was warm, 9.00 it was hot, 9.30 very hot and 10.30 it was 40 degrees!

The terrain was now really dry and the rocks crumbling on the mountains, I could sense the desert wasn’t far away. Around midday we climbed from 1,100 metres to 1,800 metres and it was still 40 degrees!

We met up with Heiko from Germany who we were in Urmia with at Hossein’s Guest House and spent the evening walking around this beautiful city.

I had assumed that the women of Iran would be less engaging than they are, what I have found is that the women do wear a head scarf but it doesn’t always cover all of their hair and it seems to be a fashion item especially in Tehran where there are amazing coloured head scarfs and western clothing. It was only today in Central Iran that I saw some women wearing black clothing and head scarf. This is contrary to what I experienced in Eastern Turkey where I felt many women covered up more and wouldn’t engage at all, if I caught their eye they would instantly look away whereas here in Iran if I catch their eye they smile and hold the look.

Did I mention that Iranian women are stunning, well, they are. ‘It all about the women’, I mean the people, yes, ‘it’s all about the people’.







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