Day 86 – 1st July 2014 leave 6am Miles rode 226 Yazd – Kerman

As it’s so hot riding we left at 6am and it was much better, cool until maybe 9. We arrived about 11.30 and not as hot and bothered as previous days.

As we rode south through the desert the sun was rising in the east and the mountains to our right looked amazing.

I’m loving being in Iran but boy is it hot so I stay in the hotel all day and venture out in the evening, as it’s Ramadan too everywhere is closed from about 2pm to early evening and after 8.30 people start coming out in the cooler evening to eat and shop.

The guide has to leave so Hossein will be our guide from now on, he is older, more experienced and I like him. He took us to meet a group of people mid evening and it was interesting to observe everyone communicating and acting just as we do at home, discussing the usual topics, mocking each other, laughing. Iranian people are just like us, well, more friendly and more interested.





2 Responses

  1. Waiting so long to get into Iran was obviously worth it. You seem so happy to be there and it looks so beautiful. What memories you will have. xx

  2. No……..It can be true…….Iranian people just like us…….never…….they are all evil incarnate cause the Sun tells me so !