Day 87 – 2nd July 2014 leave 5am Miles rode 329 Kerman – Zahedan

Up at 4.30 for an early start in the dark as we had a long ride in the heat today, at 5am we were away with our new guide Hossein & Ali. As we rode in the cold we watched the sun rise over the mountains and at 7 it started to warm up. We rode for 8 hours and stopped twice as we rode through high winds with sand & dust blowing all over us at times.

We’ve been riding in the desert for a few days now and it’s so different to other landscapes. I remember I flew to India about 5 years ago and whilst over this part of the world I looked out of the window and thought how dry, barren and unwelcoming it looked. It felt like this for real today.

There is so little wildlife but we did pass a herd of camels and whilst eating some food when we stopped I saw ants the size of small dogs!

As we continued South East it got hotter so again I chilled out and sorted a few bike problems out in the afternoon and early evening, later Garth & I wandered out in the evening and found a traditional shisha hang out.

Big day tomorrow.






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  1. Hey eatin lunch? Feeling goood. I met u yester day in zahedan resort.(hotel) i explained all you do in your trips she amazed and enjoyed that .
    Have fun