Day 92 – 7th July 2014 Quetta

3 policemen were killed yesterday here in Quetta.

The police took us to the ‘Balocestan Government Home Ministry’ because we have to have a NOC (no objection certificate) before we can leave Quetta. 1 1/2 years ago two Swiss bikers were kidnapped and since then all tourists need the NOC. It’s a good thing as this means we have an armed police escort again, all police know we are travelling tomorrow and they are ready to receive us at every roadblock, this is all for our safety.

When we get to Jafarabad we are safe and free to travel on our own.

The process took about 2 hours and I saw on the computer the last people travelling through were 2 Turkish men on 14th June, not many people passing through considering Balochestan covers 45% of Pakistan.

Photos below;
– Bloody gooners get everywhere!
– The hotel gates with sandbags on the wall looking out over the road.





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