Day 93 – 8th July 2014 leave 7.30am Miles rode 246 Quetta – Sukkur

I’ve made it safely across Balochistan.

The armed police escort and I left at 7.30am and it took 30 minutes to get out of the city and they were possibly the best 30 minutes of my journey so far. The city was awake and like every other city in the world on a Tuesday everyone had a role to play in making the city function. Children were travelling to school by motorbike sometimes two on the back of dad’s moped, other kids had there own mopeds and some travelled by bus and when there are no more seats the roof is a good option. The markets were alive on the roadside with fresh produce and everything you need. The builders were collecting there materials from various suppliers and many lorries were taking bricks to sites. There were animals everywhere, sheep, goats and cows to name a few. As usual there weren’t any women, less than 1% for sure. This activity was along one 8 mile dusty, pot holed road out of the city.

It’s all about the people, I loved it.

It was only early but it was hot and getting hotter.

It was 5.30pm when I arrived at Sukkur away from Balochistan and I was as exhausted as I’ve ever been riding 10 hours where the temperature got to 110 degrees.








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  1. Hi Dan, glad to see you made in/ across/out of Iran, you were right about the women in Yerevan.