Day 95 – 10th July 2014 leave 9am Miles rode 185 Rahimyar Khan – Multan

Again armed guards all day.

As I ride I think about why the authorities believe guards are necessary, either there really is danger in the whole of Pakistan and it is necessary or there is something about the three of us that means they feel we need guards? I find the messages about our safety conflicting as I’m told there is danger and then others say it’s safe outside of the known danger areas? I’m also told that they believe The Western Press reports badly on Pakistan and they don’t want to perpetuate this. I am in contact with a couple of other European bikers who are in the north f Pakistan and they don’t have police guards! All confusing as had they let me travel without the guards outside Balochistan I would have enjoyed my experience more and blogged with a more positive message.

The second thought is that we are the problem, and English, German and American on large bikes?

We left the desert today after maybe two weeks and I now see lush green crops and exotic trees on well irrigated land.

I am enjoying Pakistan, I love the scenery, the people are wonderful and friendly and I’m going to stay for a few weeks I hope.






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  1. Glad to hear the issues with the guards aren’t stopping you from enjoying Pakistan, Dan. It looks amazing. Really enjoying reading your blog and can’t wait to see where you end up next. Stay safe and enjoy the ride!