Day 96 – 11th July 2014 leave 7.30am Miles rode 220 Multan – lahore

And relax.

I went for a curry last night and I was happy it was so cheap, 70pence. I spent the night on the toilet and wasn’t looking forward to the ride into lahore.

Defiant Dan – We all agreed to try and get rid of the police today so we thought we would leave before they arrived at the hotel. I engaged first gear and was just riding through the hotel gate and they turned up!

Garth told them in no uncertain terms they were following us and we rode ahead of them and they couldn’t accelerate to stop us. They realised their pick up was no match for our bikes and followed but on two occasions as I was riding at the back they came too close so I turned around and told them I wasn’t happy (I may have used similar words) as I waved frantically at them to piss off (I mean fall back a little please), they obliged.

On the way into steaming hot lahore we lost them and followed my sat nav straight into ‘lahore Backpackers’.

I will stay here maybe 3 days then hopefully head north to the KKH (Karakoram Highway) which is the highest paved road in the world connecting China and Pakistan, the road peaks at 4,700 metres. I will then return here for a while before going to one of my favourite countries in the world, India.

I have bike parts being delivered to a new friend here and I have to get my India visa so I’ll be busy taking in the delights of lahore and sorting stuff.



3 Responses

  1. We sat in the Anchor a few months ago and we talked about the Karakorum Highway and now your going to be riding along it………..that brought a tear to my eye you brave mad wonderful fucker xx.

  2. Dan, just caught up on your last 7 or so days of blog. Absolutely amazing – I thought I’d had some interesting travelling experiences but they pale into insignificance next to the things that you are doing/seeing. Stay safe (and try not to piss off the police!)