Days 146 to 152 – 30th August / 5th September 2014 Delhi

I’ve been in Delhi for 1 week and it’s ok’ish.

I’m staying just off the Main Bazaar in a cheap travellers hotel, the area is pretty crazy, dirty, very congested, noisy and typical of central Indian cities. As I was in Delhi and surrounding areas 5 years ago I have no interest in seeing the usual tourist places so I’ve been sleeping in and generally felt lethargic about everything.

Lazy days sorting out a rough plan for the next two months here in India and getting visas for the following months whilst minor bike maintenance has been deferred. I could do with being elsewhere but I have sorted visas for Myanmar and Thailand so hopefully no more bureaucracy this year:)

Delhi is mad and the traffic is always rushing everywhere, the only rule seems to be drive on the left and whilst everyone pushes and honks their horns constantly the city moves and people seem to get where they are going in one piece! As soon as you get out of the centre and bazaars it’s very green with thousands of massive old trees in parks, the gardens of the massive houses and lining the wide roads, if the roads aren’t for you then there’s the very modern Metro which is extremely clean and efficient, use it in rush hour and people push like mad when the train is full to get on, it’s crazy and funny at the same time.

Like all countries India’s wealth is not divided equally and as I walk passed the latest Starbucks complete with security guard I see India’s middle classes drinking their ‘frappachappachino’ wearing the latest designer clothes inside, outside 3 children aged 3, 4 & 5 in dirty tattered clothes are begging for money.

My friend Oliver is staying at the same hotel, he’s ridding a 30 year old Honda 250 to Australia and as we’ve both got two months remaining in India and the monsoon has arrived in Delhi we are considering flying south for a holiday for a couple of weeks.

Fine food and drink had alluded us for many months so as it was Oli’s birthday yesterday Oli, Lisa & Greg from America and I sourced cheese and wine and a fine day was had by all.

Whilst crazy, Delhi is a functioning city.








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  1. Hi Buddy,
    Sounds like your having an amazing life time experiance? not sure i could do it myslef unless i had a guarantee of Hotel, ensuit and champers….!

    Anyway keep living the dream and safe journey