Days 158 & 159 – 11th & 12th September 2014 Negombo (Sri Lanka)

I decided to make the most of the beach and see if I could improve my fitness as I haven’t done any exercise this year! The main problem I will have is that as with everything in my life I either give it my all or nothing (well, very little) so, starting doesn’t mean it’s sustainable. Press ups, sit ups and running should suffice.

The problem with running on golden sand at the shoreline where the blue sea rolls in is that one needs to plot ones route carefully, too far from the surf and the sand doesn’t have enough water content which makes it difficult to run on whereas if you run too close and run on the hard’ish sand you can be hindered by the waves rolling in, not only pushing your feet one way and then the other but also the additional weight of the water as you raise your feet…

Then there’s the bloody palm trees, who knows when a coconut or one of the massive leaves is about drop from the sky? And the beaches here are almost deserted so should I need help how would I get it?

Is it safe to run on the beach in paradise, I’m sure you understand my dilemma…

I’m now considering a ‘risk assessment’ which has compounded my concerns and questions, should I do this whilst drinking a lunchtime beer, afternoon G & T or defer until after dinner? Should I drink around the pool or on the beach?

Decisions decisions, I thought I was on holiday:)






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  1. Ride an elephant to the bar…you get a much better view and by the looks of things there is no parking problem.