Days 205 & 206 – 28th / 29th October 2014 Imphal

I’ve been staying in a half decent hotel over the past few days so for a change I had a breakfast buffet which was great. Off to get fuel, cash, wash the bike and do some bike maintenance on day one, getting the bike washed and cash was easy but there has been a fuel strike on going for the past few months so all of the petrol stations had no fuel and were closed. The following day they had fuel which meant I didn’t have to buy the ‘black market’ fuel which would have been mixed with something cheap and undesirable!

The hotel manager came into the coffee shop at lunchtime on the first day saying a TV crew had turned up and wanted to do an interview for Impact TV News. Rolf & Joe from Germany and I did an interview for the 5pm news.

I can’t believe I’m on the cusp of ridding into SE Asia, it’s been so long thinking about it and making the plans we, 11 people from Australia, America, Iceland, England, Holland and Germany set off across Myanmar (Burma) in the morning.


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  1. Hello Dan, I’ve been following your journey for a while now. Very jealous! When you get back gave a beer in the woolpack
    All the best, stay safe
    Dan Marks

  2. Hello,
    I’m planning to cycle (bicycle, not motorcycle) from Silchar to Imphal, en route from Bangladesh to Myanmar. We have all the paperwork for the border, but we’ve been warned about safety (Maoists, Naxalites, etc.) along the way. We can’t do it all in 1 day on bicycles, so I’m wondering if you have any info / comments on safety along the stretch from Silchar to Imphal, and if you passed through many towns that looked like they had guesthouses or anywhere for travelers to stay. Thank you!

  3. Lindsey, good to hear from you. The ride by motorbike was a long hard day so I imagine it will take you a few days as the road is very poor in places. The majority of the day was very remote with the usual odd village. I wasn’t looking out for hotels so not sure but I would have thought very few if any? There was a small military presence and I wasn’t concerned about it. I heard no stories regarding safety. Good luck, ride safe and let me know how you get on. Dan