Days 55 – 59 4th June 2014 Batumi

For those that asked – I’m still alive…

For the last 5 days I have been in Batumi, Georgia waiting around to progress the Iran visa with Garth. It’s been a combination of frustration at the lack of visa progress and enjoying the company of fellow overlanders passing through.

Jindrich from Czech Republic was with us for a few days before he headed off to discover the rest of Georgia & Armenia and then Paul & Si from the UK passed through for a few days, they rode up the Coast and should be on a boat to Ukraine today.

We completed another Iran application form last night and visited the Iran consulate this morning here in Batumi to find they have a day’s holiday as it’s the anniversary of the death of Iman Khomeini. We’ll try again tomorrow.

So far I have used 4 agencies to get the visa (2 x UK & 2 x Iranian) sent a message to ‘The Minister for Foreign Affairs’ in Tehran asking for help (Ha Ha but true) and various Iranian people who have tried to help me, unfortunately no success yet. I will continue to try and get into Iran until I have exhausted every avenue. Garth and I have started to make contingency plans…

Having posted the visa debacle on Facebook there have been some great people offering me advice and support – thanks to you all.

The disappointment I am experiencing is softened by the blue skies and a beach only 10 mins away.










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  1. Getting worried, nothing for several days. You can see how I rely on this blog to know that you are all right! You may have to give up on Iran. At least you have had a rest from the bike, albeit an enforced rest. Miserable weather here, grey, wet and boring. Hope you can get going soon, take care. Mum xxxx