Iraq (Kurdistan)

I’m so pleased I decided to visit this wonderful country.
It’s dry, very hot and it’s only mid May, in July and August it will be in the high 40 degrees and I wouldn’t want my European white skin to suffer that, especially on the bike.

I leave Iraq (Kurdistan) with only positive memories, the people are so wonderful, everyone welcomed me and made me feel safe and secure.

The landscape is semi arid with beautiful mountains.

I will return, should you visit? Travelling to destinations which our media informs us is an areas of conflict is a decision you’ll have to take. Iraq is not safe, it’s in turmoil, bombs and killings. Currently you must not travel to Mosul or anywhere south towards Baghdad.

Kurdistan has massive investment and development and I’m sure tourism will open up one day, is this good? Yes, money for food and housing can never be a bad thing however, I do worry that with money comes greed and that the wonderful people might lose what makes them wonderful.

I hope I’m wrong.

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