Days 220 to 230 – 12th / 21st November 2014 Bangkok

I checked into a hotel where they kindly let me keep the bike in the reception so I was settled for the next 10 days waiting for my daughter to arrive.

I had heard that riding here would be a nightmare, the reality is the drivers here are so much better than in other cities, they are courteous, obey the rules of the road and don’t constantly honk their horns, it’s possibly the easiest big city in the world to ride in?

I rode around the city on many days visiting people and looking for a quality bike mechanic which has given me a great feel for it, it’s about the size of London but it has great transport networks high above the road. Roads, metro and walkways tower over existing roads which means whilst there is traffic it generally moves even in the centre, which London can’t claim! There are so many massive modern office blocks, shopping centres etc, it really is one of the great cities of the world. It feels wealthy and the people of Bangkok are really friendly.

Many people have kept me company over the last week or so, Rob from England who lives here welcomed me, Kai from Germany, Cem from Istanbul who now lives here, he has helped so much with sourcing a bike mechanic and he’s storing my stuff for the remainder of the year. Libby & Rob who stopped for a couple of days before heading north and Harumi & Aki from Japan for introducing a taste of Japan into my birthday.

My bike is with Dynamic Motors for service and a serious overhaul so when I return at the start of 2015 both my bike & I will be ready to ride again.





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