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I believe that you have all the answers you need to become the person you know is inside you. As a positive psychologist I do not tell you what to do, advise you or suggest a direction in life for you. I help unlock your potential for you to have the life you want.

Coaching is a powerful conversational intervention where I support you with the change you desire. As a Coaching Psychologist I use theoretically grounded and scientifically validated techniques to help you change your mindset or reach your goals in your personal, career and business life.

You are unique and I believe you have all of the answers and solutions to achieve the change you want. However, our experiences influence our mindset, and blocks and limiting beliefs can develop and stop us moving forward towards achieving our goals or having a confident and motivating mindset.

Carl Rogers, an American psychologist and one of the founders of the humanistic approach in psychology, developed the person-centred approach in the mid- twentieth century. This approach is at the heart of my coaching style, where I encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences by asking powerful questions and summarising what I hear. This is a very effective approach in your self- awareness and why you think and behave in the way you do. Your understanding of yourself is a prerequisite to your change.

Once you understand yourself, you can start aligning your behaviours with your goals, desires and needs.

The quality of our relationship is the most important factor in your change. I create not only a safe and confidential place for your reflections and insights, but create a positive and growth-focused space for you to explore your options for change and make the decisions that support your goals and desires.

You don’t have to be alone on your journey. As a coaching psychologist, I put evidence into practice and facilitate the change you desire in coaching sessions.

Dan has helped me for around six months and it has been pleasurable and successful. My specific need was that I felt stuck, overwhelmed by the changes I needed to make to the point I couldn’t change. Dan helped me overcome that with confidence, with discussing pros and cons of options available to me and with what is important to me. He is a calming influence who did not preach but has helped me discover the path I must take. I can highly recommend him to anyone else looking for a life coach. Thanks Dan!

Carl Rogers: What is the Person-Centred Approach?

Let’s start talking:

Dan Skeates
+44 7747 467661

Associations & Accreditations & Qualifications:

  • BSc (Hons) Psychology
  • MSc Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology
  • Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) ‘Special Groupin Coaching Psychology’
  • Accredited as an Associate Coach & Member of the European Mentoring &
    Coaching Council (EMCC).

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