Rich Test Post 3

Like some of my clients, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with self doubt and in need of a boost in confidence and self acceptance? Well, why not stop for a minute and think about your body and how amazing you are. At the first level you know it is made of a framework of bone and […]

Rich Test Post 2

So here’s a question for you: How is your work-life balance at the moment? Often this is not an easy question to face. But it is something we should all consider from time to time. Coaching can be extremely helpful to you in first understanding and then improving the balance in your life. But before […]

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Would you like to more effective and successful in your life? “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is a highly influential book by Stephen Covey, an American leadership consultant. Although the book is mainly aimed at business managers, the habits it advocates really apply to everyone. So whilst reading the whole book is highly recommended, […]