Shipping – Athens to Israel

Shipping - Athens to Israel

There aren’t many options regarding shipping a motorbike from Europe to Egypt or Israel. Many people spoke of Grimaldi Shipping, they go from Italy to Alexandria, Egypt. However, I found Grimaldi were completely rubbish at communication. I was advised to use a fixer in Alexandria to get me through the bureaucracy, but the cost was […]

Athens – Preparation for Africa

Athens - Preparation for Africa

Ten days prior to arriving in Athens I contacted MITAS Tyres, unfortunately they didn’t have the tyres I wanted in Athens (MITAS E09). Gustavo and Rok, from MITAS got a special delivery to their distributor ‘Patmanidis S.A’, where Alex Patmanidis made excellent communication. I collected the tyres and went straight to ‘Moto Kouzis’ where Ponos […]